City worker killed in SF tow truck accident was mother to toddler

James Smith extended an invitation to join him for a day of fishing on the California Dawn out of Berkeley Marina, I gladly accepted. Get your butt out here soon! I booked a trip and included my brother and nephew, who also wanted in on the hot bite. James has worked hard to build a reputation as one of the best and most popular partyboats in the Bay Area fleet. We arrived at Berkeley Marina at around 5: As per usual, we were greeted with the intoxicating aroma of bacon, sausage, eggs and potatoes on the grill in the full service galley of the Cal Dawn. Breakfast burritos and sandwiches plus hot coffee were being served to passengers on this boat as well as other partyboats in nearby slips. What a great way to start the day! Our deckhands for the day were Capt.

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But fear not, dream weavers In Intro to Weaving: Each small tapestry will measure around 8″ X Along the way, you will learn decorative weaving techniques such as Rya adding tassels and Soumak creating that braided look. You will leave class with your own woven tapestry, a small loom and weaving tools.

Hookups in San Francisco. With 17, people per square mile in the city of San Francisco, Your chances of finding a hookup is better than most major cities in the U.S. San Francisco is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. Many people from all over the world, all different walks of life come to Frisco Bay to check out the scene and the smooth talking American men!

Have an excellent apartment. If you are male, your success rate with bedding partners of either sex is greatly enhanced by the relaxation brought on by vintage crown moulding, hardwood floors and blown-glass art lamps. Even if you have to get a smaller apartment, make it one that has a few interesting and unique touches to it. If you are straight, your male friends will understand that it’s just for show. We’re all comfortable with our metrosexuality, aren’t we?

If you are a straight female, however, it is intimidating to males if you have an overly prissy excellent apartment. Throw some clothes around and make him feel at home. Hang some stockings and lingerie from clotheslines in the rafters, give him something to look at. If you are a lesbian, you should keep a pristine house, complete with dog and U-haul for the second date. Play games, but say you don’t. If you say you’re not playing a game, you’re playing a game.

If two people are truly not playing games, they won’t ever truly believe that the other is not playing games. Therefore, you might as well play games, no matter how pure and non-playa your heart is, because you’ll catch hell for it one way or the other.

Oakland can be sued over deadly 2016 Ghost Ship fire, judge rules

Everyone has a label, but no one wants to be labeled. People have very specific desires, but try to cast a wide net, so you have to do a certain amount of reading between the lines. Gay dating has unique challenges. Stick with your strengths. Gay hook ups are about fun, so stick with what you know.

9 of San Francisco’s Best Bars to Meet People Looking to Hook Up. Take a break from Tinder and meet some people IRL.

The Badlands has had many changes over the years Attracts all kinds – young, old, straight guys that flirt with the gays, and gay guys with their straight girlfriends. Lots of two fer one drinks and usually a line to get in on the weekends. The dance floor gets toooo damned crowded for serious workin’ out of the dance moves but with a few well placed elbows you can make room. Definitely the place you’ll run into Ex’s or old tricks so be ready for all of that. JoshuaO Over a year ago Loves it Sweet place Drinks specials and good music, the crowd was friendly and am filming.

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In the original story, the sea witch is a neutral enabler, but for Disney’s animated adaptation, the character was modified into a full-fledged antagonist and plays a larger role in the overall story. During pre-production, Ursula was not originally designed as a Cecaelia; a legendary hybrid of human and octopus. It was thought that she would be another species of sea creatures, such as a rockfish or lion fish, or would have a snake-like appearance, as revealed in The Disney Sketchbook.

The production team then saw a documentary about octopi and decided that their multiple arms and imposing appearance would be perfect for the character they were creating.

May 28,  · SFist is a website about San Francisco. View RSS Feed; Staff; SF’s 13 Best Bars To Find Someone To Hook Up With/Make Out With make-out .

The truck has a following in its native San Francisco, and is helping to promote the use of safe sex, regardless of where the act may take place. The Hook-up Truck resembles any average delivery vehicle from the outside but on the inside it is anything but ordinary. Artist Spy Emerson came up with the idea of the Hook-up Truck a mere three months ago, but the truck is already causing quite a stir on the streets of San Francisco.

Safety is a big concern for the California based car service. The Hook-Up Truck is a protected environment, both physical and emotional. The hookup truck requests that its patrons be aged 21 or older, and be registered with the service online. Once set up though, having a personal van to act out all your sexual desires can be at available at your request for immediate dispatch.

The Hook-up Truck does not allow people who are incoherent, obviously drunk, aggressive, or rude to use the room. Drugs and animals are also prohibited and you are only allowed to stay in the truck for a maximum of 30 minutes.

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Recent Eater January 13, Famous for a young and loud weekend scene, The Lion Pub is also known for its roaring fireplace and fruity drinks — and the free cheese plate doesn’t hurt, either. Read more Michelle Alexandria February 8, Eddie was the best bartender! Really enjoyed this bar, great to pre-game or have chill night.

The series is all about the gay club/hook up scene in San Francisco. But the official pitch for the series explains it a little better. “ Jaded takes a look into the contemporary gay dating world particular to San Francisco, through the eyes of a man lost inside the hookup culture, while on a .

Tweet on Twitter Visiting San Francisco and looking for good blues? Looking for good music, period? Nine out of ten locals will direct you to Biscuits and Blues. Founded back in , the club has survived lean periods, hard times, and indifferent and uninformed management. We caught up with owner and general manager Steven Suen who shared the rewards and challenges of owning and running this world-class venue.

Barry Kerzner for ABS: So how did you come to Biscuits and Blues? Steven Suen, Owner, Bisciuts and Blues: The whole thing started 13 years ago. Over the course of one year, he kept bringing it up. Then there was a buyer that dropped out.

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If you want lively, The Cordial will hook you up. Awesome bar scene with focused drink menu. After work scene. They will make non alcohol drinks off menu. Bartenders are pros, get the menu and order at the bar. Get there early if you want a seat.5/5(11).

The Snug’s Bodega “burger” riffs on the East Coast—style chopped cheese. In the eating making of this year’s annual feature, we learned a few things, starting with the fact that San Francisco still or perhaps increasingly has an absurd number of ridiculously good restaurants, and that the past year has been hella for openings. We also learned that we are surrounded by pushers who keep us addicted to pizza, burgers, barbecue, fried chicken, tacos, and ice cream We seem to have cut back on gluten look for the GF , but we’re not even close to giving it up—give us a plate of piping-hot potato flatbread and we’ll dip it in anything lying around.

Fortunately for us, there’s no shortage of divine cheap eats here, but splurge-worthy tasting menus are also trending. Many of these plates are standouts from the city’s hottest newcomers, and several are old favorites that we may forever crave—all are listed in random order we’re not that hardcore! All in all, they represent the very tastiest dishes we ate in and early —but we confess they only scratch the surface of the yumminess available in SF.

As always, restaurant menus rotate regularly and some dishes may be seasonal, so make sure to call ahead. More than anything, we learned that we eat entirely too much. And by “we,” we mean you. So get to eating! And share your progress and pics with us on Instagram with the hashtag 7x7bigeat

San Francisco’s Biscuits and Blues Serves Up Good Times

Even if the Bay Area remains king of the start-up scene, Berlin has a few arguments in its favour to be a challenging competitor. Home to the most successful and famous tech companies in the world, such as Google, Airbnb and Facebook, San Francisco and the Bay Area is the indisputable start-up capital of the world. San Francisco boasts an impressive 9, start-ups, and no one can deny that the city offers a vibrant energy to create a company, along with an easy access to financing your projects.

Not only can you find business angels, banks and investors, but also motivated and brilliant partners to launch your own company.

Jan 13,  · The Best Hook-Up Bars In SF. Best Bars in San Francisco. Or even Best Gay Bars in San Francisco. shines for its late night make-out scene. Whether you’re pressed up .

An extreme problem—in this case, the sinking, tilting Millennium Tower—requires extreme solutions. Read more from the Real Estate Issue here. Within weeks, the Millennium would be surpassed in height by the ascending Salesforce Tower and Fremont. But on that day, it was still the tallest building in SoMa, a flashy heavyweight champ draped in architectural awards.

The late venture capitalist Tom Perkins lived in the penthouse with a steel Minotaur statue, and below were people who had served as a U. As Pat headed out for her walk, a TV reporter posted outside the main door asked if she would talk about the leaning tower of San Francisco. Jerry, a year-old contrarian with a crown of gray curls, made a career as a government litigator suing U. So Jerry gave Pat the go-ahead to tell the TV reporter whom they see as the primary culprit: At the meeting, the attorney broached the legal option of suing the TJPA.

Jerry Dodson argued that the residents should not be trusting the developer, or Casselman, who had also been representing the HOA in negotiations with Millennium Partners. In fact, City Hall staffers and construction professionals had been chatting about it for years.

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And we don’t call them “singles bars” anymore, because c’mon now The Club photo: Erik Wilson The Club Part sports bar, part neighborhood watering hole, part Mission dive, the Club is an unrivaled spot for any type of making out. Celebrate your connection with a first kiss while sitting at one of the booths and nursing a few PBRs.

Sep 26,  · And, magically, somehow — even in San Francisco — he did. That’s a lot of backstory, I realize, but it’s important to understand what Hook Fish is and why it’s worth a long-ass Muni ride.2/5.

The murder of actor and American icon Bob Crane remains one of the most high-profile unsolved celebrity murders of all time. Thirty-eight years after his brutal murder in Scottsdale, Arizona, millions around the world still want answers. Find out what new DNA testing tells us. Order Your Copy Today! Click a retailer below. Video contains graphic content The murder of actor and American icon Bob Crane remains one of the most high-profile unsolved celebrity murders of all time.

Was John Carpenter the killer? Or did police arrest an innocent man? Early DNA testing, decades ago, was unable to positively link Carpenter to the crime. The two friends lived on the edge, sharing a dark obsession—videotaping women during their sexual encounters. See exclusive evidence from the crime scene. About the Book In an unprecedented investigation, reporter John Hook retests the original blood evidence using modern DNA science in a final search for answers.

Hook has exhausted all remaining avenues to unearth answers in this intriguing and haunting cold case to answer once and for all who murdered Bob Crane. Who Killed Bob Crane?

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