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Here are selected June rulings of the Supreme Court of the Philippines on political law. The BSP contends that it is not a government-owned or controlled corporation; neither is it an instrumentality, agency, or subdivision of the government. As presently constituted, the BSP is a public corporation created by law for a public purpose, attached to the Department of Education Culture and Sports pursuant to its Charter and the Administrative Code of It is not a private corporation which is required to be owned or controlled by the government and be economically viable to justify its existence under a special law. The economic viability test would only apply if the corporation is engaged in some economic activity or business function for the government, which is not the case for BSP. Therefore, being a public corporation, the funds of the BSP fall under the jurisdiction of the Commission on Audit. Boy Scouts of the Philippines vs.

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Their television programs contributed largely to the aggravation of their relations. On August 16, , the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board MTRCB preventively suspended the showing of the Ang Dating Daan program for 20 days due to slander and use of offensive and obscene language by its televangelist-host Eliseo Soriano , as a means of disciplinary action. Soriano challenged the action in court, arguing that the suspension imposed by the MTRCB constituted prior restraint on the media and that his language during the show’s August 10, broadcast was not obscene and offensive.

Lehitimong anak ng demonyo! Masahol ka pa sa putang babae, o di ba?

In a book written by former Iglesia Ni Cristo minister, Dr. Melanio P. Gabriel, Jr., titled “Ang mga Lihim at mga Kabulaanan ng Iglesia ni Cristo” (The Secrets and Lies of the Iglesia ni Cristo), on page 7, the total membership of INC is listed by years.

And guess what, they copied their explanation from the Protestants. If Felix Manalo had any explanation, why would his ministers copy the explanation of the Protestants? They just copied the doctrine of pastors of other religion, which they teach to their members, while they themselves are not sure of its validity. Their teachings are variable, loose and weak.

For actuality, here is the video of Iglesia Ni Manalo ministers picking up doctrinal explanations from the Protestant: In your question earlier, this is the explanation of those who examined the meaning of the holy kiss. Translated to our language, from Wycliffe Bible Commentary, page And that is actually being done in the Iglesia Ni Cristo. There are members in the Iglesia Ni Cristo who do that.

And one of the equivalents of that is handshake, according to what we have read. They are not sure of the teaching because they only picked it up from the Protestants.

Iglesia ni Cristo pastor, wife, son found dead in chapel

The news report say: Soriano failed to attend the promulgation of the decision. Bathan said this takes away his chance of appealing the decision. The judge also noted that retaliation is different from self-defense. In my own opinion, it seem that the verdict was forced to subjective, bias and unfair level.

Iglesia Ni Cristo – What does Catholics and Protestants say – *Iglesia Ni Cristo is a CULT* The INC magazine Pasugo always try to convince their members that the whole world admire Iglesia Ni Cristo. (Pasugo is being.

I am sorry that my postings sadden you. But sometimes it is necessary to feel bad to avoid a bigger disaster. Let us say you go for a checkup and your doctor says you have cancer. Of course the news is painful and will make you upset and sad. Instead of feeling bad about what I say, read more and see if I am lying. If I am lying then there is no reason for feeling bad. If INCM is true and if it is from God, no one can extinguish its light and all my efforts will be frustrated.

But if I tell the truth, then you want to know the facts and leave this false cult because it is like cancer and it will eventually kill you. The therapy maybe painful, but it will save your life and you will live more productively. So all you have to do now, is to find out whether I lie or tell the truth.

Felix Manalo: Rapist of His Members and His Ministers’ Wives

The blogspot xposing all religious deceptions and iniquities in the world. Saturday, March 8, Bro. Eli Soriano wins Case Vs.

Iglesia ni Cristo binibigkas na [ɪˈgleʃɐ ni ˈkɾisto] (Ingles: Church of Christ; ay mayroong matagal nang tunggalian sa INC ayon sa ipinapakita nito sa kanilang palabas sa telebisyon na Ang Dating Daan (ADD) at Ang Tamang Daan.

Posted on May 19, by Erineus Petitioner urges the striking down of the decision suspending him from hosting Ang Dating Daan for three months on the main ground that the decision violates, apart from his religious freedom, his freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under Sec. III of the Constitution, which reads: No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievance.

He would also have the Court declare PD , its Sec. We are not persuaded as shall be explained shortly. But first, we restate certain general concepts and principles underlying the freedom of speech and expression. It is settled that expressions by means of newspapers, radio, television, and motion pictures come within the broad protection of the free speech and expression clause.

Prior restraint means official government restrictions on the press or other forms of expression in advance of actual publication or dissemination. It may be regulated to some extent to serve important public interests, some forms of speech not being protected. As has been held, the limits of the freedom of expression are reached when the expression touches upon matters of essentially private concern.

Royo comes this line: Any sentiments must be expressed within the proper forum and with proper regard for the rights of others. Petitioner asserts that his utterance in question is a protected form of speech.

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Manalo during the middle of ‘s. Since then only in ‘s the “seal” was used as the official logo of the Iglesia ni Cristo. The seal was made and used as an “identification” for the Iglesia ni Cristo. There are no mystery in the Iglesia ni Cristo seal official logo.

Iglesia ni cristo vs dating daan a religious debate – islam. Ang dating daan debate vs inc. Watch vs ang muslim debate vs. Soriano did not communicate to post and prospective converts v. Muslim politics and that since he sees the debate are zac efron and prospective converts v. Investigation showed muslim politics and prospective converts v.

I kept hearing about this Ang Dating Daan thing and went to their web page. From what I saw it was some type of protestant denomination in the Philippines. So whats the big deal about them if anything? Are they making wedding plans yet? Please pray for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. OK, done being flippant now. Their only peculiar doctrine is their emphasis on belonging to the one true Church, which they clearly think they are.

What is the reality behind Bloc Voting of INC of Manalo?

Nagpapakilala ang Iglesia ni Cristo bilang nag-iisang tunay na iglesya at nagsasabing sila ang muling pagbangon ng orihinal ng iglesya na itinatag ni Hesus at ang ibang simbahang Kristyano. Manalo na kinikilala nilang Huling Sugo ng Diyos. Naniniwala ang mga kaanib nito na ang iglesyang ito ang katuparan ng mga hula ng Bibliya na ang iglesyang itinatag ni Kristo ay muling babangon sa Malayong Silangan [9] [10] at ang pagsapit ng Ikapitong Tatak ay hudyat ng mga huling araw ng daigdig.

Noong si Manalo ay pumanaw noong , ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay isa nang pambansang simbahan na mayroong 1, kongregasyon, at 35 malalaking konkretong katedral. Manalo ang humalili sa kaniya bilang tagapamahalang pangkalahatan. Dahil dito, ang INC ang sinasabing pangatlong pinakamalaking samahang panrelihiyon sa Pilipinas kasunod ng Simbahang Katoliko Romano

Ang Kasal sa Iglesia ni Cristo DAPAT PAHALAGAHAN AT IGALANG ANG INSTITUSYON NG KASAL O PAG-AASAWA MARAMI TAYONG NAKIKITA ngayon sa sanlibutan na nag-aasawa sa isang mamayan ng bansang nais niyang puntahan at kung naroon na ay nakikipaghiwamay na (kung .

Church of God in Christ Jesus. That same year, Nicholas Perez became a member and preacher of this group at Maragondon, Cavite. In , Nicholas Perez became its General Evangelist and soon sought the leadership of the group but was denied by Teofilo Ora. Some other members of the Teofilo Ora’s exodus left and established their own churches. Kabanal-banalang Iglesia Ng Diyos. The reality of this event was disputed. Rumors were circulating that Soriano is going to be Perez’s successor.

Eliseo Soriano was a signatory on July 11, to the appointment of Gugulan. A month after, he again signed a memorandum stating that anyone who opposes their Church administration will be suspended and expelled. There were fifteen members of the Board. On February 21, , he was expelled together with sixteen other members for inciting rebellion inside the church and teaching doctrines contrary to their beliefs.

Soriano maintains that he was not expelled but voluntarily left his church as he firmly believes that a woman should not lead the church according to the bible Establishment of the Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan On March 30, , two years after the death of Perez, Eliseo Soriano and followers registered his own group and called it the Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan English Translation:

Iglesia ni Cristo Ang Tamang Daan & Dating Daan : Topic- Banal na Halik