‘GLOW’ Season 2 Spoilers, Cast News: Shakira Barrera Joins, Alison Brie Shares First Photo

Marcus, Dustin, and Scott. She gained interest in acting after watching Harrison Ford in the original Star Wars Trilogy as Han Solo , and gained inspiration from those movies after her mother recovered from breast cancer. She started her acting career at age 8 in Kids choice awards After 15 years of the disease in remission, her mother’s cancer returned. Jennette wrote a moving account in The Wall Street Journal of what it has been like and how inspired she is by her mom’s determination to beat it again. Barr ran under the Green Party. In , she had the chance to act with her inspiration, Harrison Ford, in the movie Hollywood Homicide. She has also appeared in several commercials such as one for Sprint and another commercial for crossing the road safely. She also starred in the Nickelodeon show “Brain Surge” various times.

Jennette McCurdy

Taylor Schilling is not entirely new to television and movies. As Hollywood goes, Schilling also has a fair resemblance to Piper Kerman, upon whom her character is based. You would never recognize him, but Michael Harney — who plays Sam Healey — had a recurring role in Deadwood. There was even a sly reference to that character in Orange is the New Black. Biggs is in a weird marriage.

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Jun 20, Netflix More than any other show, Orange Is the New Black is a microcosm of the most important social conversations of our time. It challenges the viewer. I think it’s controversial. I think forgiveness is a beautiful thing. When someone says no, stop,” Manning tells MarieClaire. With men, sometimes they can easily dismiss a female. Some men are like, ‘but she led me on and that’s not fair. She wanted it, or he wanted it, or they wanted it. It’s very sensitive material. The thing is, she eventually forgives him and we haven’t even begun to.

Netflix “I think you need to consider the world that she’s living in,” Manning says of her character’s decision. There’s a lot of caution thrown to the wind and a lot of excuses made.

An Epic Returns: Meet the Cast of ANGELS IN AMERICA- Now in Previews!

Info The epic story returns. The week limited engagement has an opening night set for March As politically incendiary as any play in the American canon, Angels in America also manages to be, at turns, hilariously irreverent and heartbreakingly humane. It is also astonishingly relevant, speaking every bit as urgently to our anxious times as it did when it first premiered.

Stranger Things season 3: Everything we know so far from cast and plot to spoilers. From new characters to a new location, plus the most special effects-laden season yet.

The Urban Campfire is a unique and immersive musical experience where artists break down the wall between the stage and the house, and invite the audience to perform along with them. The theme for this year’s event is “Songs for Change” which focuses on the power of music to generate awareness and bring people together. More artist leaders TBA.

At every Urban Campfire, Guitar Mash projects the lyrics and chords for easy follow-along, and “Chord Coaches” help you get seated and tuned up. Whether or not you have an instrument in hand, you are in for an engaging afternoon with artists as they share the songs and stories that have shaped them. There’s no ‘I’m the performer, you’re the audience. We are genuinely all in the same room. The thing we create together is unique because of this quality.

And it is always fresh and new to both the seasoned performers on stage and the ‘big band’ formerly known as ‘the audience’. It is nothing less than equality manifest in sound,” says Mark Stewart. Guitar Mash Founder and Executive Producer Rebecca Weller says, “This year’s Urban Campfire will be an exciting afternoon where an array of artists and activists will shine a light on what inspired them to create.

How did music change them? How can music change us all?

30 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Here are five ways the series has changed TV for the better: All of these bodies are simultaneously powerful, transgressive, marginalised and desirable. This plethora of women celebrated and displayed is itself a feminist act. Historically, US TV has tended to celebrate thin, white heterosexual female bodies: When different bodies were depicted, their lack of physical desirability was presented as part of the joke.

Orange is the New Black dramatically expands the parameters of what kinds of bodies can and should take up space on US television.

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But besides the return of Piper Taylor Schilling , Alex Laura Prepon and the various regular gangs, a few recurring characters make a comeback. How many new episodes are there? As usual, there are 13 episodes in season 5, which makes for quite a stretch. What did the trailers tell us? That the power balance shifts dramatically in season 5. Opening with shots of Daya Dascha Polanco pointing a gun at nasty-ass corrections officer Thomas Humphrey Michael Torpey while inmates egg her on to shoot him, the first trailer focused on the rising riot, while later clips to merge showed the inmates taking control of the facility, denouncing their treatment and standing up for their rights.

Ice-cream parlours and anti-gravity chambers. In early new episodes, the inmates take hostages and set about creating their own new form of society in the facility, turning it into a place of art and culture even as the authorities plan to put a swift end to their takeover. Will MCC give in to their demands? And just how much will the inmates humiliate their hostage correction officers? And there are multiple bizarre storytelling decisions, including a late-season homage to slasher films that is simultaneously played for horror and cutesy laughs.

The series has never lacked for strong finales, but this one just might be my favorite. Can you build a better society? Or is it always doomed to fail because of the forces of the status quo waiting at the door to tear it down?

Netflix inks mutiyear deal with ‘Orange is the New Black’ creator Jenji Kohan

And it’s about to get even more real in Season 2. In the trailer, we saw Piper in solitary. And it’s starting to feel like home. There’s some fresh blood, the antics of Crazy Eyes and much, more more, all in that two-minute trailer. Before you binge-watch OITNB this weekend, catch up on a little ‘betcha didn’t know’ trivia right now: Julianne Hough endured a controversy related to her favorite show.

Diddy and Ex-Girlfriend Cassie Reunite After Kim Porter’s Death — The sudden death of Kim Porter has brought Sean “Diddy” Combs and Cassie back together.— One month after E! News confirmed the hip-hop mogul and R&B singer had ended their years-long relationship, the two reunited on Friday afternoon.

Opt out or contact us anytime Why do you think they chose Poussey? Poussey comes from a loving family, and people care about her, and even her queerness her father embraced. And like a lot of young kids, she just fell into the wrong thing. Her point was that would be most clearly seen through Poussey, which I completely agree with. I felt like I could breathe a sigh of relief.

The script came off very, very beautifully. And I felt privileged that I would then get to be on set and be there for the entire cast as we went through this difficult process. How did you develop that episode? It was important to everybody that we find a way to make it as gray as possible — like when two forces of good collide, a tragedy can result, instead of there is evil in the world and good in the world, and evil will prevail. We did flashbacks for Bayley to humanize that side of the experience.

I got a lot of calls, a lot of text messages. And I told her:

‘Orange Is the New Black,’ a Nexflix Series

People Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli: Orange Is The New Black writer to divorce husband and be with actress after realising she is gay The scriptwriter said creating the story line of the hit series, set in a women’s prison, helped her to come to terms with her own sexuality Monday 15 September The couple had been together for six years — and married for five months — when she came to terms with her sexuality midway through creating the characters for the popular the Netflix series, TMZ reports.

After the pair had separated, she fell in love with one of the stars of the show, Samira Wiley, famed for her role as the loyal Poussey Washington. The couple made their first public appearance together at the Emmy Awards at the end of August. Morelli officially came out in May

Jenji Leslie Kohan (born July 5, ) is an American television writer and producer. She is best known as the creator of the Showtime comedy-drama series Weeds and the Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black.

L’Oreal ad featuring Beyonce, this time promoting True Match, and showcasing her skin color. When the anime rolled around, it depended on the artist but she was often as light as the others. In the Sera Myu musicals, she almost always, if not always, has the same skin tone as everyone else. In the manga version of Get Backers , Kudou Himiko was originally shown to have slightly darker skin than the rest of the cast.

As the series progressed and gained a serious Art Evolution , her skin got darker and darker until, by the time the manga ended, she was closer in skin tone to black characters than the rest of the white cast. Her race or ethnic background is never addressed, and her brother was drawn with a similar skin color. The anime kept her at “slightly darker than the main cast”, looking more like she just had a tan than she was of a different ethnicity than the main cast.

A case of this appears in the adaptation of Axis Powers Hetalia from manga to anime. The manga gave the characters a variety of skin tones, but in the anime everyone except for Cuba was the same color, with Seychelles and Egypt being particularly noticeable examples. Evil Chancellor Agrippa from Turn A Gundam in contrast to the typical Ambiguously Brown anime character look, he has fairly prominent African features, but passes the paper bag test with flying colours.

‘Orange is the New Black’ writer files for divorce after coming out as gay

I was just learning as the show progressed and hoped that it would make sense for the character. I knew that she was more than what she seemed. But I think I knew I was working up to something, that I would eventually show another side of her that was more interesting. So I just kept that in mind as I was playing her:

Christiane Amanpour is bringing a new series to CNN soon, and she is not sharing her views on foreign nations and the wars taking place in them. Instead, she is giving viewers of the news network.

Los Angeles Times Oct 19, 3: Hollywood” personalities Milan Christopher, left, and Miles Brock are a couple in a music genre where gay slurs have been prevalent. Hollywood” is full of the bickering, drink-slinging and backstabbing that made the docuseries a guilty pleasure after it premiered last year. Unexpected, however, is the new story line of two black men — both aspiring rappers — in a love relationship.

Depictions of same-sex couples and gay culture are becoming more and more common to television, yet documenting a relationship between two men in the historically homophobic world of hip hop may be a first. Advertisement Milan Christopher and Miles Brock hope their story will help affect change in a community that’s been largely resistant to it.

But somehow we tiptoe around the subject and we never want to give it the same prominence and visibility as we do heterosexual relationships. Here was an opportunity to do something that was reflective of our time. Brock, who was raised in the church, is fearful of how his family, the industry and an ex-girlfriend might react. Secrecy has been a major point of contention for the couple. Christopher is openly gay but Brock’s family didn’t know about his sexuality before the show premiered some of his family members are no longer speaking to him, he said.

I’ll never be looked at as ‘normal.

Actress, producer-writer of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Marry