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Patrick Moote

Home Columns Penis Envy: At the root of his self-worth is how he feels about the size of his penis and what he thinks about its ability to please his partners. At least that is how many men seem to experience life. As men, our relationship with our penises is a complicated affair related to our sense of power.

The producer who takes over Cherry Comics in “Cherry Gets It in the End (And Mom Does Too!)” is portrayed as having a comically small penis. The same applies for the first black man he hires to replace the boy Cherry was going to fellate in the same story.

It really hit poor humiliated Patrick below the belt when she told him it was just because his penis was too small. Our genitals are after all, how we measure our manhood. Full credit for him for going so public on an issue that most men would totally shirk away from, and he started his journey by going back and re-visiting old girlfriends to get their take on his love tool.

And in an awkward conversation, his embarrassed father admitted that it was probably a hereditary condition anyway. Now Patrick decided to visit any corner of the world where there may be a solution to his dilemma. His trips to Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Papua New Guinea were both funny and stressful as poor Patrick witnessed all the bizarre treatments that seemed to result in no more inches but a great deal of pain. Our hearts are in our mouths as he tried lifting weights by his testicles and also when he is on the verge of actually injecting some dodgy looking serum into his balls.

It ends up being so much more than the size of his phallus but the importance of Patrick being comfortable with who he really is. It was a brave undertaking and one that was so worth sharing, especially as it ended on such a high note.

Unhung Hero

As hard as it is to think of a marriage proposal being rejected at a basketball game as the basis for a documentary, ‘UnHung Hero’ still proves itself a relevant study of male insecurity. Bravely putting his own insecurity on a pedestal for the world to see, Patrick Moote’s documentation of his studies tiptoes the line of being too self-indulgent, with a hearty blend of humor, fact, and even some sentimentality that combine well to make ‘UnHung Hero’ worth a view.

B Jamine B ca wrote: But in a sad way. Madeline C ca wrote: This was the best movie ever Elin G mx wrote:

A D V E R T I S E M E N T. _____ The Author of this work, and of the discoveries which it relates, leaves it to his readers to decide whether he excels most as a navigator or a writer, and whether he amuses as much as he instructs.

On the bright side, those buns are proportionate. Compensating for Something is the related trope where an afflicted man owns a very large car or boat, or fountain, etc. It is one of the few body image tropes that is Always Male. Inverse of Gag Penis. Contrast Bigger Is Better in Bed. A-Cup Angst could be considered a Distaff Counterpart of sorts. In the Gag Dub , he says ” Japanese people grower, not shower.

The Resonance Jin wakes up naked in a room wearing only a sheet, that falls to the floor soon after Sieglinde enters the room prompting her to make a crack about him being a “Little man” Invoked by Akira Takizawa in Eden of the East. It lets him get away with running around naked in front of the White House earlier that episode. However, later in the episode, he claims it was due to the cold and his subsequent showing of it to a policewoman implies he has the opposite.

In Gate , a random man thinks Yao Haa Dushi is a prostitute and tries to proposition her. She looks at his crotch and says his equipment looks so small that she doubts they would be able to do it.

GIRLS my dick is very small. Embarrassed. HELP HELP HELP.?

After a very public humiliation, he set out on a journey that took him to several corners of the world in search of ways to augment his slightly lower than average penis. After trying some pretty shocking methods, he finally threw in the towel realizing that the issue was his own self esteem. The more he projected his inadequacy, the less likely someone would want to date him. Even the most secure individual probably has some physical or personality driven feature that could subject them to rejection.

Jun 09,  · I know a lot of guys here will act like he isn’t hot, and I’m sure some of them are telling the truth, but I think he’s the perfect man. He seems like such a .

Woodworth began an ongoing series of discussions about gay men and their penises, which led to a four-week support group for gay men who feel theirs are small. Bravo to these men! They are truly unhung heroes, willing to disclose their genital size and come out of their fly, as well as the closet. What pressure they must feel as men—particularly in the gay community—where penis size is talked about so relentlessly and so judgmentally, as if it were a measure of the whole man.

Why—you might ask—do we view so many butts more than penises? The reason, I suggest, is that men in general worry about their penis size. What is Too Small—Really?


Where do girls get the idea that marriage is their choice? But even that wasn’t even the worst part. When Moote asked her later why she didn’t want to marry him, she said the thing no man ever wants to hear — his penis was too small.

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Men Cry No More! A man with a small joystick but big balls that are big enough to make him come out and face the world that he actually has a small manhood, has made a cockumentary about whether size matters. Even when i was telling people about it, i never felt like i was embarrassing myself that much. It was almost like doing a service for men in general. Refusing to give the exact size away, Mr Moote told Rolling Stone magazine: It’s such a fickle creature.

But if you were to say that the average joystick is around five-and-a-half inches, I’m below average. Recalling their responses he said:

The Surprising Need for Male Intimacy

I had a brief foray into PE a few years ago and even had a log on this forum, but I didn’t stick with it. I’ve never been happy with my size, both FL and EL, and some recent events, and one this week in particular, have sealed my resolve to change this. I’ll quickly tell my motivation here. You can jump down to the log below this wall of text, if you prefer.

Story So, I’ve been dating this amazing girl for several months and she has even moved miles to be with me.

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A daring author placed him in impossible and romantic situations in order to see how he would react to them. He reacted to the extent of a libel action, an abortive appeal for suppression, a riot in Sloane Street, two personal assaults, and the loss of his position as lecturer upon Physiology at the London School of Sub-Tropical Hygiene. Otherwise, the matter passed more peaceably than might have been expected. But he was losing something of his fire. Those huge shoulders were a little bowed.

The spade-shaped Assyrian beard showed tangles of grey amid the black, his eyes were a trifle less aggressive, his smile less self- complacent, his voice as monstrous as ever but less ready to roar down all opposition. Yet he was dangerous, as all around him were painfully aware. The volcano was not extinct, and constant rumblings threatened some new explosion. Life had much yet to teach him, but he was a little less intolerant in learning.

There was a definite date for the change which had been wrought in him. It was the death of his wife.


Their targets are sharp-witted duo Benedick and Beatrice — a tough task indeed, considering their corresponding distaste for love and each other. Meanwhile, meddling Don John plots to ruin the wedding. Outside, blind man Wally Karue hears the shot but cannot see the perpetrator. Both are arrested, but escape to form an unlikely partnership. Being chased by both the law AND the original killers, can the pair work together to outwit them all? But he continually blames his penis, which seems to have a mind of its own.

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Reviews for the films that lie on the outside edges of the mainstream. Monday, May 12, Unhung Hero Brian Spitz Fuck Morgan Spurlock. He has nothing, whatsoever, to do with this documentary except that his style is the obvious inspiration for it. Morgan Spurlock, director of Supersize Me, was the new documentary darling of yesteryear, who inserted himself into the documentary process to make a movie that just wasn’t about the topic at hand, but also about the documentarian.

In a way, it became a flashy show that advertised Morgan Spurlock while also tackling its own topic. In the end, though, it’s really all about the star of Unhung Hero, Patrick Moote. Patrick Moote tells us that his story began when he proposed to his girlfriend at a basketball game, and was rejected on their version of kisscam, which became a viral internet sensation and even made it onto news programs.

UnHung Hero

In Unhung Hero, his new, self-described “cockumentary,” Patrick Moote admits that he’s not well hung. But the guy has balls. After being rejected by his girlfriend for having a small penis, Moote, an actor and stand up comic in Los Angeles, literally travels around the world searching for a “cure” to his problem.

Thus the “black cock” myth but possibly reality is real. It’s actually rooted in theory. The longer the cock, the closer to the cervix and the better chances of conception. Yup, US is a melange of several different cultures. We are a very large equation off dick size. If you are getting married before having sex and mating for life the small dick genes get passed on instead of dying out like they would in a more slutty culture like America. So the more promiscuous a culture, the more likely they have a greater penis size.

Also, remember, in America at least, slaves were “bred” to produce the biggest, strongest workers by forcing the most muscular men and women to have sex. Could be why American athletics are dominated by blacks still today. He used to complain to me how a lot of white guys bottoms are looking for a “big huge black dildo that happens to be attached to a human. He’s like 10x happier now that he’s in a relationship with someone who loves him as is. The change has been remarkable to see.